Corporate Real Estate

This is a division which specializes in commercial office market and has a portfolio of widespread international multinational enterprises and local small and medium businesses. Our team focuses solely on the office building market and our comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge is essential to your business. We cover more than hundreds of office towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

We are completely independent, giving you a totally impartial viewpoint. Clarity and speed are our principles to assist our clients to make swift and easy decisions to relocate or renew their current lease.

In this special division, we offer a full spectrum of free services as shown below:

  • Strategic Space & Pricing Advisory Services
  • Relocation & Time Management Planning
  • Landlord & Tenant Representation
  • Tenancy Negotiation
  • Renovation Works Planning
  • Documentation & Filing Services

Corporate knowledge and experience

All of our consultants are equipped with strong market knowledge and posses in-depth experience. This allows them to better advice and serve our clients as we continue to lead in superior client service, professionalism and market coverage. As businesses expand, the need for relocation arises and this is where our knowledge and expertise have proven to be crucial. By assisting our client with their relocation and expansion needs, we allow them to focus on what they do best – running their business – while we handle nitty-gritty details of relocation planning an execution. We act on behalf of our clients when negotiating with the landlord and we constantly strive for the best deal for our clients – in fact, you can say that it is our no.1 priority.

Team members of DGLS has been in the real estate business for many years and we constantly keep track of the market by compiling industry statistics and records into our yearly reports. This information allows us better formulate sales & marketing strategies in view of the ever-changing market landscape. We are proud to have achieved a substantial market share in the Malaysian office segment. Recognizing the need for additional supply of space in order to accommodate the increasing demand, we believe in continuous research on developments and projects which may be of interest to our clients.

Track Records

We have dealt with various organizations such as Local Companies, Multi-National Corporations – MNCs, Government, Semi-Government Agencies, NGOs and others.

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